Kyle’s Favorite Window Replacement


Ask for Chris. This company is a ‘factory direct’ operation and I’ve found them to be extremely competitive on window replacement. This is how it works: You call Chris and he will come out to your house to meet with you and measure the windows you want to upgrade. He gives you a price UNINSTALLED. He then gives you several recommendations on window installers which come out to give you an estimate to install the windows. This may sound like double the work on your side, but in my experience you save a lot of $$$$$ and come out with a superior product.

Sierra Pacific Windows are EXCELLENT QUALITY and comparable to Anderson or Pella in quality — but a a much lower price. Typically he will recommend a fellow by the name of Justin Hastings Construction….(Also an EXCELLENT builder/contractor who totally stands behind his work 110%!!)Between the two of them you’ll get a great price and an outstanding product — and save money!!Sierra Pacific Windows has a showroom in Pacific Grove on Forest Av. if you would like to go see the windows first hand – recommended. Call Chris for an appointment first….he’s often in the field away from the showroom.Great product…Great prices….Great people.



Call 831.224.0859