Kyle’s Favorite Seafood (Fresh of course!!)


This is a really great restaurant that serves up REALLY FRESH seafood…There are two of these restaurants but the one with the most ambiance is the one on Sunset in Pacific Grove. Just a block from Asilomar Beach sits this gem…Have fish prepared any way you like. One of their specialites is the ‘BOWL’ preparation which is great for lunch and dinner. It comes with a fish of your choice (I always ask for ‘blackened’) with black beans, cole slaw, and a lightly steamed vegi…It’s really tasty and reasonably priced. As for the one in Seaside.. we love it for lunch. It’s at 789 Trinity St. 394-2027. Again, a great value and always fresh to order. You can sit outside at the Seaside one. But either way they are both GREAT! $$$ out of $$$$$




Call 831.375.7107


Another GREAT fresh fish restaurant! This place is no bigger than a minute, but the food is consistently excellent! Truly one of the Peninsula’s ‘stand-out’ seafood establishments. Reasonably priced and the wait staff is always friendly. There is a second one in Carmel Valley Village which is a little bigger in size (not much) and is worth the drive into the Village for dinner. GREAT SEAFOOD!$$$ out of $$$$$



Call 831.373.4647


Classic by-the-sea fish market / restaurant. Really, this one has tons of character and you feel like you’re on the warf – which you are. Worth the drive up to Moss Landing for an early dinner or lunch – this place is VERY informal and you have to stand in line to order your food, then somebody brings it to your table with your number sticking up on a stand….Get it? Great cole slaw and the fish is ALWAYS FRESH! This place verges on ‘cheap eats’ in that it has all the ‘trappings’ of one, but it’s a bit more expensive. (not by much) You can buy a whole bottle of wine in their MARKET section and open it at your table or same for beer and popp. This is a ‘must gp’ place as there is nothing like it and you won’t be dissapointed. Don’t expect too much and you’ll have a great meal and a great time.THE MARKET has fresh, fresh seafood for the taking so you might keep this in mind and take something home for tomorrows dinner. LOVE this place! $$ out of $$$$$



Call 831.633.2152


Another one of our favorites! This great FRESH seafood place has one of the best settings in the business! Right on the water overlooking the Monterey harbor…sailboats, sailboats, sunsets, glistening water, and GREAT SEAFOOD! You absolutely won’t go wrong eating here. Not filled with tourists like Cannery Row – I can’t think of a restaurant we eat at in Cannery Row — sorry.Okay, when you go here you’ve got to ask for Tatum (the waitress) She’s a real kick — very entertaining and a great server. All I can say is this one is GREAT! I’d give it a 9 out of 10$$$ 1/2 out of $$$$$


Old Pier #2 (off Del Monte)



This tiny restaurant is one of two owned by the Monterey Fish House in Monterey on Del Monte. Yea, this is a great restaurant! FRESH is the one word to describe it. Well worth the drive if you’re headed into the Valley. We do dinner here..never had lunch so I’m not sure they’re open — but dinner is EXCELLENT! Also try Monterey Fish House (which is also TINY) and EXCELLENT!!!It’s down on Del Monte Blvd. near the waterfront of downtown Monterey. (It’s not on nor does it have a view of the water – just an “fyi”….but go for dinner! I’d give them both a strong 9 out of 10 $$$ out of $$$$$


19 E. Carmel Valley Rd.

Carmel Valley
Call 831.659.4671

ROY’S (at Spanish Bay)

This is a really great place to go if you’re looking for a ‘dress up’ night and willing to spend a little more for a great meal…Roy’s is also listed under my ‘favorite’ lunch spots..This is part of a chain of 5 or so and is truly exceptional seafood cuisine. It doesn’t serve HUGE servings, but they are exquisitely prepared. The ambiance is outstanding….white table clothes, huge windows…bustling activity abounds….Worth the drive and worth the $$$..I’d give it an 8.7 out of 10$$$$ out of $$$$$


Pebble Beach


Without a doubt one of the best seafood restaurants on the Monterey Peninsula! Really! This is a stand-out in terms of quality, creativity, value and service…If you’re looking for a great seafood dinner then look no further than this charming place. Right in downtown PG, is is considered a top pick from pretty much anybody that has eaten there. It serves a ‘sustainable’ fish selection which makes us all feel good about what we’re eating and again, the quality is superb! It’s a bit pricy, but not so much so that you feel like you have not gotten a good value. If you are looking for a special place to eat tonight then Passion Fish is one of our favorites! I give this a 5 out of 5 stars. $$$ out of $$$$ price wise.


701 Lighthouse

Pacific Grove
Call 831.655.3311