Kyle’s Favorite Lunch Spots

JEFFERY’S GRILL (+Outiside Patio!)

This is a little ‘sleeper’ mostly only locals know about…It’s GREAT!!! The food is fresh and really well done! It has an outside area with about 7 tables tucked away from all the ‘hub-bub’ — it’s a sunny and peaceful little spot to have lunch with a friend. A very pretty garden is its backdrop. The food is simple (I love the grilled chicken breast sandwich with cranberry sauce! — as only one suggestion…lot’s more!) but the chef takes real pride in being creative. The deserts are worth going for just by themselves — all from scratch of course…The Sunday breakfasts are always a bit crowded, but that’s a good indication of how good it is!! So for lunch with a friend or business meeting I highly recommend Jeffery’s. Quiet, friendly, sunny, and great quality meal….CHEAP!I’d give it a strong 8.5 out of 10 because of it’s price to quality ratio — and eating outside is always a plus…$$ out of $$$$$


112 Carmel Valley Rd. (Mid Valley)
Mid Valley Shopping Center
Call 831.624.2029

RED HOUSE CAFE (Outiside eating too!!)

This little gem is also on my “Favorites” list under ‘Good Ole’ American’….But I also HIGHLY recommend it for a great place for LUNCH…Sit inside or outside on the side porch or the sidewalk — this place is as charming as it is delicious! The food is EXCELLENT as is the service. It’s reasonably priced too. If you’re in Pacific Grove then you’ve got to, at some point, eat here!! Yummmmmm!


662 Lighthouse Av.
Pacific Grove
Call 831.643.1060


This one is also under my ‘Favorites’ for natural foods…But it’s also a great place to have LUNCH with a friend or all by yourself…Make your own salad at the little (but tasty!) salad bar, or have a bowl of their home made soups (always 2 to choose from), or have one of their tasty sandwiches…It’s all good here! And you can (actually you must) sit outside — usually in the sun or under an awning they have. Either way it’s a relaxing place to catch up with yourself or a friend. Try it! It’s really worth the stop…They also have fresh cut flowers and a little general store with FRESH ORGANIC vegetables. Expensive, but it doesn’t get any fresher! $$$ out of $$$$$


Carmel Valley Rd. (One block past Quail Lodge)
Call 831.625.6219


We love this little place! A great place for lunch or breakfast and worth the drive if you’re coming from Carmel or the Valley…Natural and very fresh and the servings are generous and oh so tasty! It’s a simple place, but they do a great job…okay so the service can be a little slow at times…but you have so much to talk to your friend that you haven’t seen is so long…so relax when the food does finally get to your table the short wait will have been worth it! The bakery is dangerously good!! Later in the day all the good stuff is gone so get there by 1or 2 for the baked goods….The soup and 1/2 sandwich is the best deal — but then again, it’s all really good. They also have a take-out prepared salad section…An option if you’re in a hurry.This one is really worth going to I think…I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10$$ 1/2 out of $$$$$


731 Munras Av.
Call 831.646.3109

TURTLE BAY TAZUERIAS (Outside seating too!)

Okay…tiny is one word to describe this little cafe…and SIMPLE is another….and FRESH is yet another…If you’re in Seaside and you’re hungry around lunch this is a wonderful little stop…You order at the counter and they bring you your food (with a smile) to your table…Simple and really tasty The menu is simple as is the ambiance, but if the weather is nice — which it usually is in Seaside — then by all means SIT OUTSIDE!! The great thing about this place is it’s RIGHT NEXT DOOR to another one of our favorites “The Fish Wife” (there are 2 of these — one in Pacific Grove and this one in Seaside) The one in PG is fancier and this one in Seaside is much simpler, but has almost the same menu and WELL WORTH the stop!! if Turtle Bay is TOO informal for you then step right next door to The Fish Wife and have lunch OUTSIDE! Both are very reasonably priced and TOP NOTCH food — FRESH!I’d give them both strong ratings — enough to go out of your way for — they’re both open for lunch and dinner…but lunch is our favorite.$$ our of $$$$$


1301 Fremont Blvd.
Call 931.899.1010

ROY’S (at Spanish Bay)

Great spot for lunch with a friend — SIT OUT ON THE PATIO!! It’s has awesome ocean views and the food is fresh and light…like near zero calories…ladies! Bring a hat and sunglasses!!! It can be very bright (and beautiful!!!) out there. It’s a fun place to eat and totally beautiful….$$$$ out of $$$$$


Spanish Bay Hotel
Pebble Beach


Eat out on the PATIO….that’s all I have to say…Old school Carmel in the best of ways….If you’re looking for a really quiet spot to have lunch with a friend and don’t mind having views of the ocean and an incredible garden courtyard….well then this place is for you. Very coool…Also on my ‘favorites’ list of great HOTELS. ENJOY!!!!!!! Great spot!!!!!!!!!!I’d give it a 9.5 out of 10 in ambiance and setting — food’s really very good too…$$$ out of $$$$$


8TH Av and Camino Real
Call 831.624.6476

The Cork Screw (Carmel Valley Village)

Romantic! Romantic! Romantic! Step into this quaint little bistro with the best outdoor gravel patio on the Monterey Peninsula….you won’t be able to tell if you’re sitting in some off the road spot in Europe or in our very adorable Carmel Valley Village!! The same owner of Casanova’s in Carmel rund this place. The wine selection is top notch — and don’t forget to take a look at the little wine/gift shop in back…This is a MUST GO spot that is one of Lisa and my favorites….The menu is very interestting and the food is excellent! REASONABLE and VERY, VERY GOOD.This is the same owner that owns and operates Casanova’s restaurant in Carmel (which is also on my favorites list!) So you know the quaility is there. The service is outstanding and it’s almost always warm and sunny which makes for a very relaxing lunch. Diner too. Everything is excellent as it their wine list which comes from their vinyards. Hmmmmmm…..the perfect lunch….whether you’re with your partner or with your girlfriends — this one will never disappoint you. GO!!!!Price range: Moderate Very reasonable.Quality: Five stars out of five


55 E Carmel Valley Rd
Carmel Valley
Call 831.659.8888