Kyle’s Favorite Italian Restaurants


This AUTHENTIC little gem is superb! If you’re looking for a great warm Italian meal in Carmel then this is a MUST GO! Tasty! And the ambiance is warm and VERY ITALIAN!!! The wines are excellent as is the fresh baked bread and olive oil they keep coming…Save room for the entree…they’re worth the wait. I’d give this little gem an 9 out of 10. $$$ 1/2 out of $$$$$


Dolores and 7th Av.
Call 831.626.6335


AMBIANCE, AMBIANCE, AMBIANCE….Yes the food is GREAT too!!!I highly recommend this little Italian gem….Roaring fire, white table cloths, dim lighting, walll murals of the “Old Country”….And YES the food is GREAT!!Home made dishes that you will be SURE to love! Served by Vito and his wife personally so you know each dish has to be perfect….This is real Italian food! Each main dish is served with a ‘wilted’ lettuce salad that is exceptional. Simple and exceptional. All the home made garlic bread — the really good crusty from scratch stuff — keeps flowing…but be very careful to go lightly on this — save room for the really good main dish! If you’re in the mood for warm and simple and GREAT AMBIENCE — then this one is one of our top spots on the Peninsula. Reasonable, fresh, romantic, warm, and tasty!! Tough to go wrong with this one!!$$ out of $$$$$Worth the drive from Carmel, Pebble Beach, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Carmel Highlands, Seaside


1180 Forest Av.
Pacific Grove
Call 831.375.3070


One of our favorites of all restaurants!! If you’re looking for GREAT ITALIAN food made by an Italian family then look no further! This one is….yes….a drive from Carmel, but if for any reason you’re headed towards Salinas or if you’re in the mood for a pretty drive…then make the trip to this fantastic authentic Italian restaurant. Okay…it’s a 20 minute drive from Carmel, but it’s worth it! Lisa and I split the “CAPALLINI al NATURALE and it was out of this world. Couldn’t have had a better meal if we were sitting in Italy itself. Seriously. We also split the house salad (generous portion) with the Italin dressing split with the blue cheese –YUM! Excellent! If you’re into clams I am told the Linguini with Clams is also OUTSTANDING. And the fresh grilled fish of the day is not to be compared to any I’ve ever had in recent memory. We saw the folks next to us having DA BIG BEEF RIB EYE STEAK and they commented “Superb, WOW!!” Okay…so I hope you get the idea we love this place and that it’s well worth the drive…Go! You’ll love it!!There’s even a small bar you can sit at and watch the game before you have diner…cozy and very inviting. I rate this: Five stars out of five starsPrice: Reasonable for the quality you get — for sure.


1410 S. Main St.
Call 831.422.1814

Bistro Giovani

If you’re looking for a very romantic spot to take your gal to dinner in Carmel then look no further…Bistro Giovani is one of our favorite Italian restaurants on the entire Monterey Peninsula. It has a sumptiously warm atmosphere and of course the food is OUTSTANDING! The wines are superb and the wait staff is simply wonderful. Located on San Carlos just 2 blocks north of Ocean Av, it’s easy to walk to from a hotel or drive to from anywhere in Carmel. The menu is simple (click on the website link for a copy of the menu) but super nicely done. But with this one it’s about the soft and comfortable atmosphere that stands out. You’re sure to like this one! For special occasions or for any occasion I give this eatery “TWO THUMBS UP”.Moderately pricey….but not rediculous. Well worth the price of entry.


San Carlos and 5th St.
Call 831.626.6003