Kyle’s Favorite Great Coffee


Okay, if you want a GREAT CUP OF COFFEE then this is a MUST GO!!! place….No bigger than a minute it’s all about being different here….RESIST CORPORATE COFFEE is their tag line…Meaning ‘Get over Starbucks!’They roast their own beans and brew a very mean cup of Joe! The owners (husband and wife team) are wonderful people. Not too many places to sit. but you can sit in one of fourlawn chairs in the sun and sip away. BEWARE! this is not your run of the mill coffee joint….It’s the best cup of coffee in town…bar none!QUIRKY — BUT A MUST GO…The cappuccino is a 10. I’d give it a 9 out of 10 (Closed on Sundays!!!)$$ out of $$$$$


485 Palm (and Broadway)
Call 831.393.9113


GREAT place to sit outside in PEACE and QUIET! and chat, read a book, read a magazine, read a newspaper….. of just sit in the sun and enjoy your favorite feel-good drink…The coffee is excellent and the setting can’t be beat for relaxing and catching up with a friend….If you need a place to “meet-me-for-coffee” then it doesn’t get too much better than this. Enjoy!!I’d give this a 9 out of 10$$ out of $$$$$




One of our favorite spots to stop and grab a sandwich and/or a bowl of homemade soup….The coffee is excellent, but don’t stop there. The FROM SCRATCH baked goods are out of this world! If you’re too full from lunch to eat desert then take some home with you. This is a husband/wife team that does everything in small batches — mostly organic. Okay, it’s NOT FANCY whatsoever, but it is very high quality and relaxing. This is a little gem in the Village and what makes the Village the Village. You’ll often see a tall thin Italian looking guy behind the counter — he’s the ‘he’ in the partnership…Martin is his name — keeping things moving forward. Almost ‘rough’, but ohhhhh sooooo goooood!!!Try it….You’ll like it!! Turkey chili, breakfast burritos — all great!!$$ out of $$$$$


18 Carmel Valley Rd. (in the Village)
Carmel Valley Village
Call 831.659.5052


GREAT! One of my favorite, favorites!!! GREAT for morning coffee…Sooo relaxing! Bright and airy feel to it. You’ll swear you’re somewhere in San Francisco!This is an ‘Oasis’ much needed on the Peninsula! Alternative and fun! It’s located in Sand City but worth the drive from Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove, or Monterey…Very COOL place in the middle of the ‘warehouse’ section of Sand City and in a large warehouse itself. The food is OUTSTANDING and the BURGER is the BEST on the Peninsula. I challenge anyone to find a better one. Tons of micro brewery beers to choose from…6 or 7 on tap. Great for morning breakfast or coffee…Lunch or diner are both equally EXCELLENT.So if you have a kid that is in need of some San Francisco, cool eating spots this is the place to take her/him. Or if you’re young at heart and remember the 60’s and 70’s fondly…This is a FAVORITE of mine. Great service, cheap prices, excellent food! Bring your laptop as it’s a ‘hot spot’. REFRESHINGLY refreshing! A must GO spot. Opens 7:30 am to 10 or 11 pm.FUN! I’d give it a 10 out of 10 for all around value. Take a chance and try something completely new! You won’t be disappointed. $$ out of $$$$$


1725 Contra Costa St.
Call 831.394.6000