Kyle’s Favorite California Cuisine


This is a really great little spot to go for dinner. It’s been totally remodeled into a kinda hip place…the food is hip too…small plates kinda ‘tapas’ style…but they have larger meals also. We like this place because it’s a fun place to eat — the ambiance is — well, here goes that word ‘hip’ again, but that’s what it is….The chef apparently is from a very upscale restaurant (off the top of my head I can’t remember where he came from) but he does definitely know what he’s doing! The food is excellent! Simple menu, but each item is very well prepared. There is a bar to sit at if you’d just like a glass of wine while you’re contemplating dinner. Not formal at all — comfy. I like it. I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10 because of the ambiance and the quality of the food. (If you have a dog or pet you can sit outside where they have a couple of large gas fire pits you can sit around)$$$ out of $$$$$


Call 831.375.2411


We LOVE this place!! The food is out of this world and the ambience is only one you can dream up in BIG SUR. Walk through the doors at about 7 pm and you’re greeted by a warm smiling face ready to serve and make your night very special. The menu is short and simple, but that’s a good thing. Each dish is very carefully crafted and served piping hot at your candle lit table. VERY ROMANTIC spot!!!Take your date and she’ll be very impressd with your selection. Speaking of ‘selection’…the wine selection is top notch — and I have to say you almost don’t need to go any furter than the “HOUSE RED” — that’s literally its name. “HOUSE” Hmmmmm…..great price and VERY tasty! I recommend this place HIGHLY…I know it’s a drive, but START EARLY (like 5:30) and make a reservation for 7ish and you’ll be on your way home by 9ish…..Save room for desert….again, simple but very satisfying! A special treat when you’re down in BIG SUR…a real bargain compared to Ventana and Post Ranch — But then again — they’re in a class of their own…$$$ out of $$$$$Definitely worth the drive from Carmel, PG, Pebble Beach, Monterey, Carmel Valley


Hwy 1
Big Sur
Call 831.667.0520